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Can a Leopard Ever Change His Spots? Modi's Hate Speech at Becharaji on 9.9.2002

Weekly Column for Rashtriya Sahara, Urdu

Teesta Setalvad

In 2002 and the two years since Modi has always spewed venom against minorities. While he was in the process of consolidating a Hindu base on the plank of anti-Muslim hatred, he made this speech at Becharaji, Mehsana on 9.9.2002. Now that the matter has been taken by us to the Courts, U-Tubes of this speech have disappeared. NDTV channel has the originals. Readers should decide whether the contents of this speech amounts to raking venom and hatred to gain votes.

And if so, can a leopard ever change his spots?

Verbatim of Public Speech delivered by the Chief Minister, Shri Narendra Modi, at Becharaji (Mehsana district of Gujarat State) on 9.9.2002, as part of Gaurav Yatra:
“The procession of prestige (Gaurav Yatra) has now reached the holy land of Becharaji, from Fagwel, by blowing the bugle of self-respect of Gujarat. This is the holy place of power (Shakti), the power for extermination of Ashuras. We have resolved to destroy and stamp out all forces of evil who are a threat to the self respect of Gujarat.  A set of people, who are not concerned about ordinary Gujarati citizens, are keen to  impede progress of Gujarat State and its future, are out to defame Gujarat State. In this holy land of Becharaji, let the 5 Crores Gujaratis acquire such power and energy, which will build tomorrow’s prosperous Gujarat. There is allegation against us that we are Hinduwadis. Oh! brothers, for the development of Becharaji Devi temple, our Govt. has allotted 8 Crore Rupees. Is it a crime done by us? Have we become communal by allotting 8 Crore Rupees for the development of Becharaji? Our Congress friends have come out with another charge. They say, this Narendrabhai has brought Narmada water to Sabarmati river and this man is so much clever that he brought the water in the month of Shravan (a holy month for Hindus). My dear brothers, we built the dam and so water is available. Let me ask a question to my Congress friends, if water is brought during Shravan month, those mothers / ladies residing on the banks of Sabarmati river can take bath in Narmada water and feel holiness and blessedness. Then what is paining them? Since, we (means BJP) are here, we brought water in Sabarmati during the month of Shravan, when you are there, you can bring it in the month of Ramdan (the holy month of Muslims). When, we brought water in the month of Shravan, you feel bad. When we spend money for the development of Becharaji also, you feel bad. What brother, should we run relief camps? (referring to relief camps for riot affected Muslims). Should I start children producing centers there, i.e., relief camps? We want to achieve progress by pursuing the policy of family planning with determination. We are 5 and our 25 !!! (Ame panch, Amara panch, referring to Muslim polygamy). On whose name such a development is pursued? Can’t Gujarat implement family planning? Whose inhibitions are coming in our way? Which religious sect is coming in the way? Why money is not reaching to the poor? If some people go on producing children, the children will do cycle puncture repair only? “If we want to develop Gujarat, every child born in Gujarat should get education, enlightenment, livelihood and the economic order should be built up accordingly. For this purpose, there is a need for teaching a lesson to those people, who are expanding their population (hinting at Muslims). If we object to the explosion of population, they feel bad. Can somebody tell me, is there any nation like ours? Is China ruled by BJP? Still China had enacted a law to curb population explosion. Here some people say no no, are we religious fundamentalists. Brothers, in this matter, how religion is involved? In Gujarat, Madrasas are coming up in large numbers. The children have right to get primary education. But, Madrassa going child are deprived of primary education. What will such a child do, when he grows up? Suppose, normal education is not available and only religious education is available, will it not be a burden on Gujarat. We are
scrutinizing Madrassas from Kutch (district) onwards. Now these people may say that we are communalists. If West Bengal Govt. puts restrictions on Madrassas, it is secular, but when it is done in Gujarat, how do we become communal? Any institution needs regulation. If we want peace in Gujarat, we have to make long term plans. We cannot permit merchants of murder to freely operate in Gujarat. I am sitting in the holy place of Shakti (energy), at the lotus feet of Becharaji Mata. I want to assure you that I may lose the chair tomorrow or today. But, I will not allow those plotting to destroy Gujarat and harm the innocent, to carry out their plans. Gujarat wants happiness, Gujarat wants peace, 5 crore Gujaratis are united and progressing. The days of somebody like Dawoodd Ibrahim sitting in Karachi and playing games of murder and destruction are over. We will not permit it. For what purpose is all this done? My chair may go today or tomorrow. We are not sticking to the chair with fevicol. Brothers, we are sitting at the feet of the Gujaratis. If the people feel that this person (referring to himself) will work, then they will put him as their head. And if the people don’t feel, then they will kick us out. Brothers, we are a set of people, who are always at your service. The Congress is afraid of going to the people; they do not want the election. Oh brothers, if you do not want the election because you are going to be defeated and so you want to delay the holding of election? Smt. Indira Gandhi was afraid of going to the election. Therefore, she extended the tenure of the Parliament to 6 years. Why don’t you do the same thing? But you are afraid of doing that. What do you talk? There are disturbances in Gujarat. The people of Gujarat indulge in riots. If you don’t want to face election you have no right to abuse 5 crore Gujaratis. This is not acceptable to us. If you have courage, brothers, why don’t you bare your chests and face us in the battle field of election? Why do you run away? If one has to run away, we have to do it. There is propaganda is against me throughout the world. It is done by you (Congress men). We are willing to go to the people and you are running away from the people. Why don’t you go to Italy? Go, and offer aarti (offering by holy flame) to the Election Commission. You are shouting, stop elections, stop elections! Oh mother! Stop elections! Oh Congress friends! We have put the dust from the feet of 5 crore Gujarati on our head. We are one with them and we are proud of telling that. We are not cheats. If you go to collect the dust from the feet of the people of Gujarat they will kick you. We have no selfishness. This daughter of Italy (Sonia Gandhi) had given us open certificate that we had insulted the land of Mahatma Gandhi and Sardar Patel. We have to demand your answer in this matter. How much did you insult Sardar Patel? The Nehru dynasty of Congress people, develop fever hearing the name of Sardar Patel. You may feel sad, but Sanjay Gandhi was no great man other than being the husband of Maneka Gandhi. But, there is samadhi of Sanjay Gandhi at Rajghat. Oh my Brothers and Sisters of Gujarat! Sardar Patel does not have a samadhi (in Delhi). We feel very sad about it. You Congress people, you are toiling for effacing out the name and image of Sardar Patel, but I warn you. Beware, if you try to wipe out the fame and name of Sardar, we are here to sacrifice our lives for keeping the flag of Sardar at high pedestal. We believe that, if we have to do good of the Nation, we have to adopt the path of Sardar Patel. If you want to save Kashmir, you have to walk in the path of Sardar Patel. If you want to bring unity in Gujarat, you have to adopt the path of Sardar Patel. If you want to contain and check the merchants of murder, we have to follow the path of Sardar Patel. Our motto is to pursue the path of Sardar. There are people bent upon destroying Gujarat. We have come out for awakening the self-respect of Gujarat. If we raise the self-respect and morale of 5 crore Gujaratis, the schemes of Alis, Malis and Jamalis (referring to Muslims) will not be successful to do any harm to us. These 5 crore Gujaratis will decide about their future. The buffoons of Delhi will not decide the future of Gujarat. In Delhi, there is a crowd of Ex. Prime Ministers, who are sitting idle. In the evening, these Ex. Prime Ministers meet. They issue Fatwa (royal proclamation) that in Gujarat the Rathyatra of Jagannathji should not be taken out. We asserted that it will be taken out. In Gujarat, if the Rathyatra of Jagannathji is not taken out, whose Rathyatra should come out? People sitting in Calcutta (referring to the communists) do not want the Rathyatra to come out. It will be better to go out of the Govt. instead of not taking out Jagannath Rathyatra. I don’t care if I lose political power and authority. We have decided that Jagannath Rathyatra will be taken out. Then, the whole crowd of Congress people rushed to Delhi, to Madam (Sonia Gandhi), appealing. Madam, save us! This Narendra Modi is a mad man, and we cannot compete with him. Save us, solve the problem of Narendra Modi. Madam said, what happened? Stop Jagannath Rathyatra, if the Rathyatra of Jagannathji is taken out Gujarat will burn, Muslims will be massacred, there will be wide spread hue and cry, stop the Rathyatra of Jagannathji, stop the Rathyatra of Jagannathji, stop the Rathyatra of Jagannathji. When Congressmen told this thing to Madam, finally she asked, brothers, tell me this Jagannathji is belonging to which political party? Is this Jagannath Rathyatra like Advani’s Rathyatra? (The Congress men replied), Oh Madam, this Jagannath is not worker of any Party. Jagannath is God (Bhagwan). Does Bhagwan Jagannath belong to any Party? See, such (ignorant) people are set out for serving the Nation !!! Mahatma Gandhi used to say “Drive away these white men”, “Oh white men, quit our Country”. But, what did Congress do? Oh white people, please come, be our Congress President, Oh white people, please come, be our Congress President. Congress is like a Dharmashala. They (Congress men) are set out for destroying Gujarat. Therefore, there is a need for awakening the self-respect of Gujarat. In this holy place of Mother Goddess, let us pray to God to bestow us fresh energy, let there be new ideas. By serving Mother India, let us make Gujarat also proud. We should enhance and brighten the image and identity of Gujarat. Hail Mother India! Hail Mother India! (Bharat Mata Ki Jai!), Vande Matram, Vande Matram, Vande Matram (Salutation to the Mother).    "                      

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