Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Documenting Full Co-Operation with the Investigating Agency

(This is without prejudice to our contention that was is being unleashed against us is a motivated,fishing and roving inquiry with vindictive intent)


The so called issue of 'cooperation' has always sought to be deliberately distorted by advocates for the state of Gujarat, motivated by considerations quite outside the legal. Some of their cronies in the media have selectively reported this. Unfortunately the motivated propaganda was bought into by the Gujarat HC (which completely ignored the utter transparency and cooperation always extended by us. Worse still as explained by us earlier, the Gujarat HC  completely ignored detailed documentation (original account copies) and affidavits filed by us in March 2014, June 2014 and July 2014 and thereafter.

We fear that a similar disinformation campaign may be afoot now. Hence, on legal advice we have prepared a 14-15 Page Letter to the IO (KN Patel) Documenting Full Cooperation extended by us. This is attached here. After that letter was sent by us and duly acknowldeged by the IO (as can be seen in the attached copy) one more batch of documents was despatched by us and has been acknowledged by the IO.

In effect this means that  

A total of 3,954 Pages (Hard Copy)  have been supplied to the IO (this includes the 1743 pages submitted yesterday that was NOT in the longer letter to the IO. Besides  16,400 pages have been made available in Soft Copy (DVDs).

IO Acknowledgement Copies


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