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Why do police insist on getting custody of Teesta and Javed

Press Release:
Curious and Spurious case of Gulberg Museum of Resistence:
Why do police insist on getting custody of Teesta and Javed

On 15-16th December 2014 and 5-6th January 2015 :
Both Teesta and Javed appeared before Ahmadabad police and responded to all their queries. This was the first time ever they were asked to present themselves for questioning.

The complaint is filed with respect of fraudulent use of donations collected for the "Museum of Resistance" of amount   Rs. 432,460.00.
This amount continues to be in the accounts of Sabrang trust and has not been spent on anything as of now.

All the accounts of Sabrang trust as well as CJP have been submitted for all these years to Charity Commissioner, Home Ministry, Income Tax authorities, donor agencies and two sets of auditors. None of the above ever raised any objections to the accounts submitted.

Sequence of events with respect of current criminal complaint filed before Ahmadabad police and subsequent denial of anticipatory bail application by Gujarat High Court

14th Jan 2008
Subrang trust gave letter to Gulberg Society
Subrang offered to buy all the premises in Gulberg Society at market price with idea of building a Museum of Resistance in memory of victims and survivors of Gujarat Carnage 2002
Fund was to be raised for this purpose once the Society agrees to the same.
29thjune 2008
Gulberg Society passed resolution agreeing with the Sabrang proposal
Gulberg society would find out the market value and inform Sabrang about the same.

Till Nov-12
Sabrang tries to raise funds through individual donors in India and abroad

Total donations received of Rupees 432460.00
10th Nov 2012
Sabrang informs Gulberg Society its inability to raise funds.
The Society by its Resolution dated November 10, 2012, scrapped the idea of museum and resolved that all members of the society were free to sell or dispose of their tenements.
The collected donations are too inadequate. The donors give consent to use the money for purposes of various cases arising out of 2002 massacre fought in different court

21st Feb 2013
Police receive a fraudulent letter on behalf of Gulberg society complaining misappropriation of  the fund raised for the Museum
One Firozkhan Saeedkhan Pathan, who was a resident of Gulbarg Society filed a complaint, alleging that Sabrang Trust and Citizens for Justice and Peace have received foreign and local donations in the name of providing financial and legal assistance to the riot victims and to develop Gulbarg Society into a museum and have further allegedly misappropriated the funds so received
The complaint is written using forged letter head of the society
13th March 2013
Gulberg Society writes to police complaining about the above referred forged letter

13th March 2013
Subrang trusts writes to police complaining about the above referred forged letter
Letter March 13, 2013 to the Joint Commissioner of Police, denies the allegations leveled against them, clarifying their stand regarding the purpose of their organization, the donations received by them and the suspected conspiracy by their former employee Raees Khan Pathan against them. 

18th March 2013
Deputy Commissioner of police writes to Gulberg Society about the complaint received
Informs them about the complaint pending against the Teesta and others and  directs them to maintain status quo regarding the Society.

18th March 2013
Police write to Teesta Setalvald about the above mentioned complaint received.
The police asks Teesta to furnish certain documents and information regarding the Trust and the allegations made against them

26th March 2013
Teesta agains writes to Police about the fraudulent complaint
Reply clearly states that there was no misappropriation of funds and the accounts of Trust were mandatorily and statutorily audited.

8th May 2013
Police once again write to Teesta about the complaint
Investigating Officer, asks to submit answers and documents to the questions posed in their earlier letter dated 18.03.2013.

20th May 2013
Teesta sends them reply
Explains the root-cause of the mala-fide complaint filed against them and clarified the position of donations collected by the Sabrang Trust.

There is no further communication in this regards for next 9 months

26th December 2013
Magistrate court gives clean chit to Mr Narendra Modi, the then Chief Minister of Gujarat in the case filed by Zakia Jaffery wife of late Mr Ewhsaan Jaffery, who was killed in Gulberg Society along with 69 others on February 28th 2002

4th Jan 2014
FIR U/S 406, 420, 120B, I.T 72A filed against Teesta, Javed and two others which includes son of Mr Ehsaan Jaffery

10th Jan 2014
Bombay High court grants as interim protection to all against the arrest

20th Jan 2014
Police letter to teesta asking for certain Documents in 7 days

21st an 2014
IDBI and Union Accounts of the Trust, as well as personal accounts of Teesta and Jved are frozen on basis of letter from Gujarat Police

22nd Jan 2014
Teesta and Javed write to Banks and asking for letter sent by the Police.

31st Jan 2014
Bombay High Court grants Transit Bail

21st feb 2014
Supreme Court SLP filed

22nd Feb 2014
Session Court Anticipatory bail application filed

24th Feb 2014
Supreme Court extends protection till 31st March 2014

23rd March 2014
Sessions Judge by its order dated 25.3.2014, rejected the  Anticipatory Bail Application.

26th March 2014

Moved the Hon’ble High Court of Gujarat challenging the abovementioned order dated 25.3.2014 by way of Miscellaneous Criminal Application No. 4677 of 2014.

12th Feb 2015
The Hon’ble High Court pronouced judgement in the open court rejecting the application of the Petitioners

Feb 2015
Approach Supreme Court Matter being heard in Supreme Court

Released by “Hum Azaadiyon ke Haq Mein”, Mumbai

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